Conference on Kosovo

December 13, 2007
Ferenc Glatz hosted the conference Kosovo: after and before conflict (Koszovó: konfliktus után, konfliktus előtt) organised by the Centre for Balkan Studies and the Europe Institute Budapest.

Prima Primissima awarding ceremony

December 7, 2007
According to the decision of the board of trustees and the Social Advisory Board of the Prima Primissima Foundation Ferenc Glatz was awarded the Prima Primissima Prize in the category „Hungarian Science”. The awarding ceremony took place in the Budapest Palace of Arts on 7 December 2007. This was the fifth time that the achievements of outstanding representatives of the Hungarian intellectual life, arts, science and sports were acknowledged with this prestigious prize.
Winners of the Prima Primissima Prize:

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Man and Nature

November 22, 2007
At the conference „Land assessment, land evaluation and information on land utilisation to enhance the competitiveness of environment friendly agriculture” organised in Keszthely on 22 November 2007 Ferenc Glatz reflected on the relationship of man and nature from a historian’s point of view.

Museums in the 21st century

November 21, 2007
On 21 November 2007 Ferenc Glatz presented the introductory lecture of the symposium held in the Budapest History Museum on the usefulness of the knowledge provided by museums and the role of museums in the 21st century.

“With one bundle - Mit einem Bündel…”

November 16, 2007
The 60th anniversary of the expulsion of ethnic Germans living in Hungary was remembered at a conference organised in the Hungarian Parliament on 16 November 2007. Ferenc Glatz delivered a speech entitled “Kollektív felelősség – kollektív öngyilkosság” [Collective responsibility - collective suicide].

Last honours to Domokos Kosáry

November 15, 2007
Domokos Kosáry, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, former President of HAS, one of the key figures of contemporary Hungarian science died on 15 November 2007 at the age of 95. You can read the necrology written by Ferenc Glatz in the 2007/9-10 issue of História.

Conference on the anniversary of the battle of Pozsony (Bratislava)

November 13, 2007
In his introductory lecture at the conference „Árpád emlékezete” [Remembrance of Árpád] held on 13 November 2007 in the Institute of History of HAS on the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the battle of Pozsony (Bratislava) considered to have put an end to the Hungarian land conquest, Ferenc Glatz outlined the topical issues and possible development directions of the research of middle ages in Hungary.

Nominated for Prima Primissima Prize

November 9, 2007
The board of trustees and the Social Advisory Board of the Prima Primissima Foundation nominated Ferenc Glatz for the Prima Primissima Prize in the category „Hungarian Science”. The aim of the prize founded in 2003 is to preserve the achievements of the Hungarian intelligentsia and to promote the development of domestic science, arts and culture.

The history of ecologism

October 5, 2007
In his editorial entitled „On the History of Ecologism” published in the latest 2007/7 issue of the periodical „História” Ferenc Glatz takes account of the history of ecologism, an ideological trend aimed at putting the relationship of man and nature on a new basis.

Presentation of books on the Balkans

October 4, 2007
The presentation of two publications compiling studies and essays on the Balkans, A Balkán és Magyarország [The Balkans and Hungary] and The European Union, the Balkan Region and Hungary took place on 4 October 2007. The book presentation provided opportunity for experts of the region to share their views on the future direction of Balkan research. The introductory studies of both books were written by Ferenc Glatz.
Download introductory study in English (Changes in foreign political thinking)


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