Lecture in the Academic Committee of HAS in Veszprém

April 2, 2008
At the joint session of the Academic Committee of HAS in Veszprém and the Veszrém-based NGO Bohimvölgy Salon Ferenc Glatz delivered a lecture entitled A Magyar tudomány és korunk kihívásai (Hungarian science and the challenges of our times).

Socialism and system change in world historical comparison

April 1, 2008
Ferenc Glatz hosted the book presentation of Tamás Sárközy’s recently published book entitled Szocializmus, rendszerváltás és az újkapitalizmus gazdasági civiljoga, 1945-2005 (Socialism, system change and the economic civil rights of new capitalism, 1945-2005) in the Social Research Centre of HAS. In his closing remarks he referred to the fact that taking the world historical and European context of a given period, in our case the Kádár regime and the political system change, into consideration might provide a completely different balance of positive and negative aspects than evaluating these past decades merely from the point of view of the present.

The modernity of painting

March 29, 2008
The exhibition of painter József Kórusz was opened by Ferenc Glatz in the Art Gallery of the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany. In his historical retrospect he acknowledged the merits of the church and monastic orders in particular in promoting culture and praised the public education activity of Benedictine monks. He compared the art of József Kórusz to a fairy tale where man and nature live in peaceful harmony.

Social and ecologic challenges yesterday and today

March 27, 2008
In his keynote speech delivered at the international scientific conference Vállalkozások ökonómiája (The economy of enterprises) organised in the framework of the 11th International Science Days of the Károly Róbert College in Gyöngyös, Ferenc Glatz spoke about the social and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

Presidential election in the Social Research Centre of HAS

March 18, 2008
The Scientific Council of the Social Research Centre of HAS, comprising directors of the institutes involved in the research centre and members of HAS, unanimously re-elected Ferenc Glatz as President for the period 2008-2012.

Midterm environment strategy

March 11, 2008
Ferenc Glatz chaired the joint discussion forum of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Environment which was meant to discuss a midterm environment strategy. Glatz sees the public use of the Academy in preparing and evaluating midterm and long-term programmes on various issues of public concern. Following his introductory remarks, Minister Gábor Fodor and Members of the HAS, István Láng, László Somlyódy, György Várallyay, Gábor Vida also contributed to the event.

Book presentation

March 7, 2008
At the presentation of chief rabbi Prof. Alfréd Schőner’s latest book entitled Égszínkék (Sky-Blue) in the Writers’ Bookstore in Budapest Ferenc Glatz spoke about the achievements of the author and the merits of the book.

School and enterprise in the Southern Great Plain

March 5, 2008
Ferenc Glatz wrote and published several studies in 2005 on the basic principles of a new rural policy in the framework of the Dialogue for the countryside programme. The writings are to be comprised in a book which would also include interviews reflecting the life and current situation of people living in the countryside. As part of this work he conducted interviews in Nagyszénás with headmistress Márta Gálik, Tibor Müller, director of the Szarvas-Fish Co., Róbert Szabó, owner of the Fishermen’s Tavern in Szarvas and a hotel in Cserkeszőlős as well as vicar Róbert Kasuba.

About Pál Engel, the historian and friend

February 27, 2008
Historian Pál Engel was born 70 years ago. Ferenc Glatz remembered his friend and co-author who deceased in 2001 in the 27 February issue of the daily newspaper Népszabadság describing his social motivation, fate and human courage and role in Hungarian middle ages research. The article also depicted the historian generation of the last decades of the 20th century.

Small villages in the Hungarian settlement structure

February 26, 2008
The Alliance “Dialogue for the Countryside” and the Programme Committee of Strategic Research of HAS organised a conference entitled Aprófalvak lépéskényszerben (Small villages forced to move forward). As host of the event, Ferenc Glatz delivered the introductory speech, which was followed by presentations of Katalin Kovács, Éva G. Fekete, Anna Hamar, Mónika Váradi, Tünde Virág and Gábor Zongor.


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