60 Years of Israel

May 19, 2008
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, Ferenc Glatz delivered a speech accepting the invitation of the Hungarian-Israeli Friends’ Association in the Leo Frankel synagogue.

Rural development strategy, programme of regional policy for Hungarians

May 16, 2008
Ferenc Glatz visited the Transdanubian Research Institute of the Centre for Regional Studies of HAS and negotiated with director general Gyula Horváth about rural development issues, the development of the institutional framework of a new coordinated policy for rural areas and the possibilities of supporting scientific achievement beyond the borders of Hungary.

Meeting with representatives of the scientific and public life of Pécs

May 15, 2008
In course of his visit to Pécs Ferenc Glatz met among others rector Róbert Gábriel and the deans of the University of Pécs and carried on negotiations with the chair of the General Assembly of the Local Government of Baranya County, as well as the deputy major of Pécs.

Millennium challenges in Europe

May 15, 2008
Accepting the invitation of the Pécs-Baranya Group of the Paneuropean Union, Ferenc Glatz delivered a lecture entitled Ezredfordulós kihívások az Európai Unió előtt (Millennium challenges facing the European Union) in the auditorium of the University of Pécs. He gave account of the advantages and disadvantages of the European integration process, shed light on the deeper correlations underlying climatic, social and economic changes of the millennium.

Europe Day in the Parliament

May 9, 2008
On the 4th anniversary of Hungary’s accession to the European Union the conference Együtt -sokfélén (Together in diversity) was organised in the Houses of Parliament with special regard to this year being the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. In his keynote speech Ferenc Glatz spoke about European and national identity, as well as the establishment of the concept of Europe as a new home.

Alliance „Dialogue for the Countryside” awarded

May 7, 2008
The National Alliance of Local Governments (TÖOSZ) held its annual conference of delegates on 7 May 2008 in Dobogókő and awarded the Alliance “Dialogue for the Countryside” with the so-called “Smalt Plaque” of TÖOSZ to acknowledge its merits in exploring the problems of rural areas, in joining forces to solve these problems and its work accomplished for rural development. On behalf of the awardee, Ferenc Glatz, president of the association addressed the delegates and emphasised the role and importance of local governments in rural areas.

Hungarian Studies in the European Union

April 17, 2008
At the roundtable discussion on the role of Hungarian Studies in German speaking countries organised by the Europe Institute Budapest, the Working Group on European History of HAS and the Institute of German Studies at the University of ELTE Andrea Seidler, professor at the University of Vienna and Zsolt K. Lengyel, Director of the Hungarian Institute in Munich gave an overview of the topic. Founding director Ferenc Glatz urged Hungarian state subsidies for research in the field of Hungarian Studies conducted in foreign universities and research institutes with regard to their common use.

German speaking university in Hungary

April 10, 2008
At the roundtable discussion of the Europe Institute Budapest, Rector András Masát outlined the potential role of the Gyula Andrássy University Budapest in the Hungarian higher education system. Ferenc Glatz, founding director of the Europe Institute Budapest also having German as a working language emphasised the significance of a German-speaking university in providing Eastern European and Balkan Studies with curricula focusing on regional, economic and cultural issues.

Values, public purposes and television

April 5, 2008
Ferenc Glatz participated in the roundtable discussion Values, public purposes and television organised in the framework of the Camera Hungaria Festival commemorating among others the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Duna Television.

Intellectuals and farming in the countryside

April 3, 2008
Ferenc Glatz wrote and published several studies in 2005 on the basic principles of a new rural policy in the framework of the Dialogue for the countryside programme. The writings are to be comprised in a book which would also include interviews reflecting the life and current situation of people living in the countryside. As part of this work he conducted interviews in Zala and Somogy counties, among others with research fellows of the Göcsej Museum in Zalaegerszeg, the rector of the University of Kaposvár, MP István Gyenesei, leaders of the agricultural cooperative in Mernye and Imre Erdélyi agricultural entrepreneur.


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