Anniversary conference at the University of Vienna

October 2, 2007
A major symposium was held on 1-2 October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Institute for Eastern European History at the University of Vienna. Ferenc Glatz participated as panel lecturer at the symposium with a presentation entitled Staat und Nation in Osteuropa [State and Nation in Eastern Europe].

Corvinus Prize

September 14, 2007
The awarding ceremony of the Corvinus Prize of the Europe Institute Budapest took place on 14 September 2007. The prize, which is presented every second year, was founded by Senator Dr. Herbert Batliner in order to award outstanding public figures who have contributed to the rapprochement of Hungarian and European culture. The Corvinus laureate of 2007 was Pál Csáky, deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic responsible for European Affairs, Human Rights, and Minorities in 2002-2006.

Eastern enlargement of the European Union

September 14, 2007
In the framework of the conference series of the Balkan Research Centre an international scientific symposium was held on 14 September 2007 to examine the circumstances, short and long term implications of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union with acknowledged foreign experts participating in the discussion.


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